Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miniatures: The Goristro

So, this time around I'm going to kind of walk you through one of my miniature mods/repaints. This is the Goristro, a Demon on a huge (a.k.a. 3") base. Problems with the original miniature (bottom picture) which became apparent immediately are its odd, leaning posture; the horrible nose (which I can't find a decent picture of); and the dull spikes and horns. I managed to fix these problems with liberal applications of green stuff, adding some details in
while I was at it, e.g. the base, the skull on the chain (not very visible), tongue, and sharpened canines.
Next post will have the finished, painted pictures of the Goristro.


  1. wow that looks like beast from beauty and the beast sort of... only way more badass and angry

  2. I like the first one. Although, the green looks awkward.

  3. this is a good follow up post to the previous one

    I have a new post on GTL Everyday too :)

  4. Thanks for the comments on my blog :)

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  5. thanks for the comments on my blog!

  6. Love it! Reminds me of old star wars :)

  7. Great things.

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