Monday, October 11, 2010

Miniatures: The Finished Goristro

Unfortunately, all I have to use is my crappy cell camera. Nonetheless, below is a picture of the finished Goristro. I plan on using him (CR 17 monster) to scare the shit out of my cocky (lvl 5) gaming group. Also, enjoy my facial expression in the background.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miniatures: The Goristro

So, this time around I'm going to kind of walk you through one of my miniature mods/repaints. This is the Goristro, a Demon on a huge (a.k.a. 3") base. Problems with the original miniature (bottom picture) which became apparent immediately are its odd, leaning posture; the horrible nose (which I can't find a decent picture of); and the dull spikes and horns. I managed to fix these problems with liberal applications of green stuff, adding some details in
while I was at it, e.g. the base, the skull on the chain (not very visible), tongue, and sharpened canines.
Next post will have the finished, painted pictures of the Goristro.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Read the first letter of every line... And, no, you didn't lose the game.

Clearly, some of you are actually reading my posts, so I'll elaborate more. Much
like other pen & paper RPGs, you can use miniatures with D&D. Personally,
I prefer using terrain and miniatures to help represent the environment, especially for
combat. As for the novel, some further discussion of mimesis is necessary. (Don't
kill me for the boring nature of my post, please, folks.)
So, mimesis is the theoretical perception of art as an imitation of a topic, as well as the
process of that actual imitation or representation. It's relevance to eroticism in
Longus is that the author seems to indicate that he believes sex to be the representation
of love in a physical medium. Also, um...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some assorted notes.

Firstly: I shall answer the questions posed in the comments from the last post. Those are D&D miniatures, and I did in fact paint them myself. I don't sell them frequently, as I typically do them for relaxation or my campaign. I've done commissions in the past, as doing custom miniatures is really the only way to guarantee that somebody wants to buy the durned thing.

Secondly: Does anybody know how to disable to damned Captcha? I hate those things, and so do you, so help me out here. Edit: Fixed. Thanks, folks!

Finally: I'm reading Daphnis & Chloe, the Hellenistic novel by Longus. (I'm reading it in the original 2nd century Greek, as this is my field of study.) Whilst reading, it became evident that two of the themes which permeate the novel most fully are mimesis -most familiar to all of you via Dawkins' appropriation of the word in creating 'meme', just as 'genesis' is the root of 'gene'- and eroticism. The idea I'm now exploring is that sex (at least to the Greeks) is a mimetic representation of love (eros) in a physical medium. Thoughts? The inputs of those majoring in anthropology, sociology, ancient studies, psychology, or cognition would be especially valuable.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miniatures, Part II

Since people seemed to like the last installment, I shall continue. Those last two miniatures were (from left to right) a Cerebrilith and a Tsucora Quori. A little background about DDM (as enthusiasts refer to Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures): They are plastic and come prepainted. For example, the last two miniatures, before I repainted them, looked as those on the right do. And now, for three more of my (re)paint-jobs, below, with the original miniature, above them.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I paint some Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. Here are two of mine which I did a long time ago. Anybody else paint or build models? It's sort of dying hobby, nowadays.


...My last two were stfuncle and shiparse. Erm...